| 3 gratitudes + feelings |

This method is a classic. Each day (I like to do it in the morning to start my day) write down (3) or more things you are grateful for.


This can be ANYTHING - your cup of coffee, your partner, the way you felt yesterday, the bonus you received, anything.


Here’s the fun part - next to each item you write, also write down WHY or how it makes you FEEL. When we attach emotion to our gratitude it fills up our body, shifts our frequency into a more uplifting and positive one and has a bigger overall effect.





Today I am grateful for…

  1. My Fiance, Tom. (He always makes me feel SO loved and appreciated and I cannot wait to marry him)

  2. Our dog, Duke - When he is around, I feel complete

  3. My morning cup of coffee - it gives me the chance to slow down and really be present in the moment.


| Wins of the Day |

Not a fan of writing down a list of gratitude?

No problem! Here is a fun twist and a different way to look at it...


You can do this in the morning (reflect on yesterday) or at night (reflect on the day you just had) or throughout the day (reflect on the day as you go) 

Whenever something amazing or in your favor happens, we consider that a “win".”


When a “win” happens, record it in your journal. A win can be ANYTHING big or small - from receiving a promotion to enjoying a bright and sunny day. You get to define what a “win” is to you.



  1. My cousin gave me a bouquet of roses

  2. The line at Costco was very short

  3. I ran into an old friend that I haven’t seen in a long time

  4. My partner put away the dishes so I wouldn’t have to worry about it

  5. My cup of coffee tasted perfect this morning

  6. I booked 5 new clients

  7. I had time to read a few chapters of my book today

  8. I was able to sleep in to 8am this morning

and so on….


When you start recording your “wins” of the day, your mindset begins to shift. Instead of expecting the worst, you are constantly looking for good. When we expect bad things to happen, they do. When we expect good things to happen, they do. Start expecting miracles!


| 3/3/3 |

Are you an overachiever or someone who wants to just feel SO good and soak everything in?


This one is for you as it combines the first two methods.


Again, you can do this in the morning, afternoon or night - just make sure you do it EVERYDAY.


This one takes some time, so make sure you carve out at least 10 minutes of your day. (Which btw is not a lot at all - like not even 1% of your day)


Each day you write:

(3) things you are grateful for and why (Please read the first exercise)

(3) wins of the day (please read the second exercise)

(3) Affirmations/I am statements - basically you write what you want to have or who you want to be but in present tense.




3 Gratitude:

  1. I am grateful for my beautiful apartment - It makes me feel safe yet luxurious

  2. I am grateful for my personal; trainer, Lindsay - she makes me feel strong and like a badass

  3. I am grateful for all the new clients I have had - they bring me so much joy and I love meeting new people


3 Wins: (try to do something different from what you are grateful for)

  1. I had the best lunch date with a girlfriend

  2. I woke up feeling strong

  3. I received the best 5-star review


3 I am/affirmations:

  1. I am beautiful and confident

  2. I have a thriving business that brings ultimate success

  3. I am abundant in all areas of life

| Katie’s Happiness Formula |

This is a magical formula I came up with one night as I was about to fall asleep…thats when my best thoughts come to my subconcious brain. 


Here’s how it goes:


Formula to a happy life:

Do what makes you excited


Be who makes you proud


Love what makes you happy


If you follow those guidelines, you will live a fulfilled life.


So how do you use this formula in your journal each day?



Answer the below questions every morning to start your day:

  1. What are you the most excited about for today?

  2. What are one or two things you can do to make yourself proud today?

  3. What are three things you love that make you happy?




  1. I am the most excited to put together my glow wash and clean slate shipments together for my clients - I feel so excited for them to receive this package and try these products.

  2. Something that would make me proud is to put together quality packages for my clients, to get a small but effective workout in, and to find some joy throughout the day.

  3. Three things I love are…

    1. Tom, my husband. He makes my heart feel so full.

    2. My business is constantly expanding and new woman are finding me daily.

    3. Coffee shop music because it makes me feel so relaxed yet dedicated to my work.

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