How, What, Why

What is the made grateful journal:

A journal designed to help you discover the beauty in all the things around you.

It’s the opportunity to see life through a new set of lenses - almost like you are a tourist in your hometown again.

Explore both your inner and outer world while feeling fresh, vibrant and excited again.

It is the best way to start or end your day, the best wellness hack out there & the quickest way to receiving all your desires.


Why use the made grateful journal: 

It’s a great tool to kickstart your morning & provide you with the high-vibe energy you crave in order to transform your life.


+Start each day with an excited attitude

 +Re-wire your subconscious mind to always be looking for the good

+Find beauty in small, everyday moments that fill you up

+Strengthen and build existing & new relationships

 +Attract more of what you DO want in your life

+Deepen your self-love with daily reflection

+Train your mind to see the glass half FULL

+Become an overall happier

+ more fulfilled person

+Master the art of gratitude


How to use the made grateful journal..

There are endless possibilities in ways in which you can use your journal!

I left the inside pages blank so you have the opportunity to use it in a way that works best for you! You won’t see dates, or headers or boxes to fill in or questions to answer because what works for one person, may not work for you.

Instead, take a look at the “ways to gratitude” (you will receive the private link with your purchase) and if you find that you are resonating with one or it makes you feel good doing it, try using that as your daily prompt.

You can even mix and match…maybe one day you do “3 gratitudes + feelings” and then the next you do “333".” It’s great to mix it up in order to prevent your brain from going into autopilot and not being intentional.

Try to set 5-10 minutes aside for your gratitude journal & be as intentional as possible each time you open it up. Really dive deep in order to experience longer lasting effects.

Have so so much fun creating the life of your dreams and enjoying every little moment along the way.

I am grateful for YOU!