Let's Manifest

Let's Manifest

Look, you made it to this post for a reason. Something lead you here, which means a part of you already believes in manifestation, part of you wants it to be true.

You want to receive what you desire most so your willing to take the chance on this “law of attraction” thing, because why not? You don’t even need to tell anyone that you are experimenting with this – it might be better if you don’t. That way they don’t share their opinion or influence your energy in anyway.

I am not going to try to convenience you to believe in manifestation. If you are here, hopefully you are beyond that stage. But I will mention before going any further – if you do not “believe,” it will not work. If you are still in the “I don’t know if I believe in that stage” then stay there until you have figured it out and are ready to move forward.

Believing is a key ingredient in manifesting. It’s like trying to make cookies without eggs. I am sure it is possible, but won’t get you the best results or what you truly desire.

Okay, now that we cleared that up - on to the good stuff. Grab a drink, get cozy, and let’s do this.



This is the fun step! Don’t let the word “fun” take away any seriousness though – because this step is also the MOST important, well…in my opinion.

Step one is to get as clear and as detailed as possible on what you want to attract. Spend some time in this stage, do not rush through this one. Think about what you want most! Is it a new car? A new job? A new house? A partner? A vacation? An experience? Once you have decided on what you want the most, right now, take it a step further. What are the details of this thing? What does it look like? How does it make you feel?


Let me take you on a journey through one of my current strongest desires – my dream home.

I will own a beautiful 2 story home in a safe, yet lively neighborhood. The exterior reminds me of a modern day, Scandinavian farmhouse. It’s an all white house with beautiful black framed windows that occupy most, if not all of the walls.

There are black, modern lanterns that hang by the front door. At night the house is completely lit up and looks like it could be an ornament on a Christmas tree.

The grass is bright green and perfectly manicured. When you walk inside, you usually smell something amazing that’s baking in the kitchen. You see a large black spiral staircase, a large living space, and a glance of the backyard.

The kitchen belongs in a cook book – it’s so big and beautiful. The Counter-tops are a light grey marble, while the cabinets are a dark grey, almost black color with gentle gold finishing’s.

The sink is deep and wide with a gold faucet. There’s a large window behind the sink that slides all the way and opens up to the backyard. I am able to easily serve drinks while inside to those enjoying the yard.

Behind the stove, there’s a beautiful splash of black and white bohemian wallpaper. There is a beautiful island in the middle of the kitchen and it has the same grey marble as the countertops. We decorated the room nicely. We added a long, brown and deep grey runner by the sink and white vases with fresh flowers on the island.

This is one of my favorite places to be in the entire house because I am usually here when I am hosting. There are bar stools at the island which is the most perfect spot for my guests to sit as I pour them a glass of wine and prepare a charcuterie board. Off to the side there is a large wooden rectangular table that we can also sit at but for now it occupies my favorite candle from anthropology. Wow, does my house smell good.

There’s some light jazz music playing in the background and nice natural light coming in through the window. I feel so happy to be hosting and when I look around in my kitchen, I almost start to cry. It is absolutely perfect and all I could have imagined of and so much more.


See what I did there ^^. If it is a dream house you would like to manifest then plan out every single detail of it. What color are the floors? Are they wooden or carpet? Feel it on the bottom of your feet. Think about how you feel in this space. Think about what you would do in this space. Imagine hosting holidays, having your friends and family over, creating beautiful memories.

Maybe it’s not a dream house but it’s a vacation – imagine the flight there. What airline did you chose? Are you first class? When you get off the airplane what do you smell? What do you see? When you get to the hotel do you jump on the bed? How excited do you feel to be in your dream destination?

Feel as much as you can, see as much as you can, smell as much as you can until it feels real. Until it feels as though you are actually inside that house. The feeling you get when visualizing your future is SO, SO important. You need to really feel it and let that feeling run through your entire body.

 If you do this exercise correctly, a few tears may even come to your eyes. I cry 8 out of 10 times.


Can’t figure out the small details when you close your eyes? Don’t worry – theres resources to help you with things like this. Go to Pinterest, type in what you are trying to manifest, scroll until you find a picture that lights your heart up. Stare at that picture and imagine yourself inside of that home, or that car, or on that vacation. Look at the small details that make up that picture.  I created a visualization board on Pinterest so when I need a little extra help with visualizing, I have some pictures on deck.



Okay, now that you know exactly what you want and you pictured every single detail of it lets move forward.

Step two sounds a little easier than it actually is and that is to desire what you want.

You must have a burning desire to receive this thing. It needs to be the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing before bed. It needs to be on your heart and feel like the most important thing.

You need to want it more than you have ever wanted anything. I cannot tell you how often I imagine my future home, how many hours I spend looking at pictures, and craigslisitng homes in San Diego.

The desire is so strong, I can feel it occupying a large part of my heart. I express this desire to the universe every single day.

I say that this seems easier than it actually is because a lot of people “want” many things. But to desire it more than anything in the world takes some serious consistent devotion and energy.

Moving on –




You must believe it is already yours, believe you deserve it, and believe you CAN have it.

By believing it is already yours you are tricking your mind and bringing fourth the right emotions. You are feeling what it would feel like to have this thing and THAT is exactly what you need. Remember how important I said feelings were? Bring those to this step. When you feel as though your desire is already yours, you are so much closer to receiving it.

When I was younger and what I wanted most was to move out and have my own apartment – I would talk as if I already had it. I would go shopping in the home section of Nordstrom with my friends and say “Look, wouldn’t this look SO cute in my apartment!” My friends would say – “Uh, Katie you don’t have an apartment.” I let them think that.. I knew I had one, it was somewhere out there, I just hadn’t signed the lease yet. To their disbelief, a few weeks later, I found an apartment and moved out.

I made it happen and I did so through believing it was already mine and talking and acting as if I had already had it. People will think you’re crazy until you prove them wrong. Then they will ask your secrets and how you did it.

Talk as if you have your desire. Your language, body language, thoughts and behavior needs to represent your new reality.

I bought those décor pieces from Nordstrom that day for my apartment because I knew It was only a matter of time before I moved in – I needed to start to prepare. I didn’t allow thoughts of “I don’t have enough money” come up! Instead I thought thoughts of “What color should my bedspread be?!” Or, “I can’t wait to have my own place and invite my friends over.”

It’s easy to get caught up in the fear and worry of the “how.” Don’t worry about how, just believe that it WILL happen and the “how” will take care of itself.

It’s like you’re 7 years old all over again and it’s Christmas Eve. How much did you believe in Santa Clause? How certain were you that he was going to bring you that new pink razor? How easy was it for you to imagine yourself flying down the neighborhood on it? You felt as if it was already yours, you knew it was on its way. The next morning you woke up, ran downstairs and found your pink razor!

You asked, believed and received.



ACTION! Take small action each and every day to get you towards your new reality.

What can you do today to help get you closer? For me and my dream house, I can look on Zillow and start finding places that match my desire. I can go on home tours. I can take steps to increase my income or accumulate more wealth to get me closer to my financial goal before purchasing my home. Remember desire without action is just a dream. Go after what you want, make it happen.



Be open and ready to receive.

Your desire may not come in the form you thought it would. It can come to you in many different ways. Just hold your faith, know that it is on its way, and receive it with gratitude.


Well my friend, it’s time to go create the life of your dreams. Get clear on what you want, desire it more than anything, know that it is already yours, take action, and then be ready to receive.

It can be THAT simple! Just keep believing, even when you think “ugh, this isn’t working Katie!” KEEP BELIEVING.

That is usually when true manifestation happens…right when you’re about to give up, but you don’t.

I believe in you! I can’t wait to hear about all that you have created for yourself.



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