What is DHA?

Dihydoxyacetone (Dye-high-droxy-acentone) is derived from sugar cane and sugar beets; DHA for short, reacts with the skins amino acids and upper most exposed layer of skin.

Should I get standard or luxe solution?

The Standard Solution has an Aloe base Moisturizing formula. This will hydrate and nourish the skin as the spray tan develops. The Standard solutions are known for providing a longer lasting spray tan and a less noticeable fade because of their moisturizing benefits.

The Luxe, Quick Dry solution has an alcohol ingredient base. This alcohol provides you with a “lighter” feel, unlike the Aloe Vera which may feel heavy or “tacky.” Quick dry solutions allow clients to feel comfortable as the spray tan develops and dress immediately. Quick Dry solutions are ideal for client’s who do not like the heavy feel of moisturizing blends, those with oily skin, or those who do not like the feel of spray tans in general.

Read our Blog post Which Solution is Best For Me for more information.


Will my spray tan smell?

No! There is a very minimal scent. if you would like to add a scent, check out our sunless additive drops to help enhance your sunless tan’s fragrance as it develops.


How long will my spray tan last?

A sunless tan’s life is dependent on the prep and care routine that is being performed. It is crucial that clients follow the proper care regimen to prolong the longevity of the tan. The original blend usually lasts 7-12 days while the Luxe Blend lasts around 5-7 days.


What makes your spray tan solution organic?

We use Sjolie Solution which is created with only the freshest ingredients. They work with local farmers to provide you with a solution containing only the freshest and naturally derived ingredients. Sjolie is PETA approved, certified vega and excludes harmful ingredients like ertyrulose and parabens. Sjolie sunless also meets all administered qualifications to be considered organic by the U.S

When should I exfoliate before a session?

Ideally, shaving and exfoliating should be done 12-24 hours prior to getting a spray tan. This allows the skin to return to its normal pH level before your session. It is important you exfoliate using a non-oil based exfoliant that will not leave behind any residue.

How long do I have to wait to shower?

Both our original and luxe blends require 8-12 hours before showering for full development. The solution will stop developing and darkening after the 12th hour.

If you chose the rapid solution you shouyld shower in 2-5 hours. Do not go past the 5 hour mark with a rapid solution.

2 hours = light

3 hours = medium

4 hours = dark

5 hours = extra dark

Can I use more than one additive in a spray tan?

Absolutely! Feel free to mix and match with additives to make that tan 100% customized. Now you can smell great and get that firm skin.


Which moisturizer should I use while I have a spray tan?

It is crucial to use a moisturizer that has no alcohol, dyes, fragrances or mineral oil. This will help prolong the life of your tan! We offer a great tan extending moisturizer that we highly recommend using starting the day after your spray tan.


I am pregnant. Can I still get a spray tan?

Yes. Many pregnant women receive spray tans to enhance their glow! Be sure you have prior approval from your doctor before you participate in a sunless session. We will need a written note from your doctor stating you have their approval before moving forward.

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