Choosing Which Solution

Choosing Which Solution

When it comes to choosing a solution, we know it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to the spray tanning world. Let us do the work for you so you can enjoy your self-care.

When finding the solution that best fits your skin, we need to consider a few things.

  1. Your Skin Tone

    What type of complexion do you have? Fair, medium, dark? Those with lighter skin will want to get a lighter solution. If you go too dark, that where the streakiness and orangy color come into play. If you have a fair complexion; light skin tone, light hair, and eyes, burns easily or always I would recommend our lightest shade of no 6. If you are on the opposite end of that spectrum and have Middle Eastern complexions; medium to heavy skin pigmentation, dark hair & eyes, rarely burns, rarely sun sensitive I would recommend our no 12 or even no 14 solution. And if you are in the middle of that range then the no 9 is perfect for you!


    Light Skin Tone = no 6 - 9

    Medium Skin tone = No 9 - 12

    Dark Skin Tone = No 12 - 14



  1. Your Skin Type/Needs

    Now you usually have one of two skin types - on the dryer side, or on the oilier side. Our original solution is created with an aloe vera base, therefore is very moisturizing and hydrating for your skin. Moisturizing solutions are known for providing a longer lasting spray tan and a less noticeable fade because of their moisturizing benefits.

Our luxe solution is created with an alcohol base making it a “lighter” feel, unlike the Aloe Vera which may feel heavy or “tacky.” Quick dry solutions allow clients to feel comfortable as the spray tan develops and dress immediately. Quick Dry solutions are ideal for client’s who do not like the heavy feel of moisturizing blends, those with oily skin, or those who do not like the feel of spray tans in general. 





3. Your Undertone

Okay, so we selected your no. of solution based on your skin tone, we selected the formula based off your skin type, now lets choose THE ONE based off your skins undertone.

Our Original and LUXE solutions are both formulated with different undertones to enhance your natural skin tone. Our original solution has a green based undertone which will help counteract red color or cool undertones. This will enhance your natural tones and great a golden tan. Our luxe solution has violet undertones which will help neutralize yellow color or warm undertones. This is ideal for those wanting a deep brown tan.

Both green-based and violet-based solutions will be complimentary to neutral undertones

So, how do you know which undertone you have? Take a look at the characteristics below.

Cool  – Pink, Red or Bluish undertones = ORIGINAL BLEND

  • Pink or Beige complexions

  • Blue or purple veins in the wrists

  • Skin reflects yellow in natural sunlight

  • Burns in the sun

  • Wears pink based makeup

  • Look best in silver jewelry


Warm – Yellow, peachy, or Golden undertones = LUXE BLEND

  • Yellow or Golden complexions

  • Green or olive veins in the wrists

  • Skin reflects blue in natural sunlight

  • Tans in the sun

  • Wears yellow based makeup

  • Looks best in gold jewelry

Neutral – Peach, beige, or olive undertones = EITHER

  • Olive or Brown complexions

  • Blue-green veins in the wrists

  • Skin reflects green in natural sunlight

  • Tans, but burns occasionally

  • Wears makeup which is not too yellow or pink

  • Looks best in gold and silver jewelry


TA-DAHH! Hopefully this has helped you select the exact formula that is best for you. If you still need assistance or want to double confirm you selected the right color and formula, send us an email, text or take advantage of our complimentary consultation before your appointment.

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